Katie Millant
yes, I can
Давно я не писала.

After the Irak’s conflict people discuss the
mass destruction weapon problems very seriously and reliability of this
information. I’m not interested in repeating that mistakes which were made by
secret services. Having the true information I can say exactly about the fact
of using the chemical weapon. I’m trying to move forward the diplomacy and
peaceful ways to solving problems. But now this question touches on the all
international community and civil society, not only me and not only policy. The
main question is our safety. We must confront actions which are breaking our
peace. Chemical weapon attacks break national safety and well-known
international norms limiting the using of this weapon and increases the menace of
using it by terrorists. We will do it, we will discuss all methods to solve this
problem. It’s necessary to understand that it’s not only military way of
solving the Syrian problem. Political arrangement is the only variant of
decision the Syrian crisis by that moment. Russian government wish to join to
the international community and to force Asad to pass his chemical weapon. This
initiative can eliminate potential menace chemical weapon without force. If we will
destroy chemical weapon, we will set international standard and strengthen the
basics of further cooperating. The international protocol of 1925 year was
violated. This is the biggest act of using chemical weapon since the attack of
S. Hussein in 1988 and the most massive extermination of people in 21 century.

After the forming the new government this
problem will solve. Army is need to control the situation in Syria. Army will
be mixed from all of the countries. It won’t be the intervention. We don’t have
to wait when they will killed each other. USA have a question to Russia how
they will decide the problem of Syrian crisis. Canada strongly against of the military
intervention. They want to protect human rights. The mains of the countries
have voted and haven’t come to the solution. It’s necessary to create the
temporary government. Methods of the solution this problem will be discuss in
the Geneve-2.

Вот чем мы занимались в течение последних двух дней. Школа молодежной дипломатии, я благодарна тебе за эти бессонные ночи, ложиться спать в пол5 утра так прекрасно.
Я же будущий политолог теперь, мне стоит задуматься над такими глобальными мировыми проблемами.

А на самом деле, все прекрасно. Наверное, я счастлива. Школа и универ - абсолютно две разные сферы, никак не сравнимые друг с другом. Здесь я вновь изменилась, я нашла скрытые резервы, которые все 17 лет сидели глубоко внутри меня и наконец здесь они нашли применение.